We Stylise Your

True creator of style, we have fun with fashion and defy trends. We customise image styling tools and techniques to ensure you have an image with a perfect match to your personality, expectations and lifestyle. The creation of your style is made to measure.

We Stylise Your

The image is the reflection of who you are, it is fundamental for your business but also for your clients. The image & communication we create for our clients is a unique adequacy of image elements so they can transmit the right message in all circumstances.

Style Coaching
Style can be learned and we can coach you! Would you like to discover how to highlight your personal look? Together we can choose the perfect parts in accordance with your personality, your lifestyle and your standards. We will reveal all the secrets behind style, hairstyle, make up and the latest trends for a custom look perfectly mastered just for you.
Personal Shopping
We will guide you during your shopping sessions and advise you on your fashion choices whilst considering your personality, professional constraints, body shape, colorimetry and finally your style. Our objective is to offer you the perfect stylish image.
Wardrobe Refresh
Is your wardrobe packed full of small wonders that you do not dare to wear? Do you want to create unique outfits, stylish looks and be at the forefront of the latest trends? We will come to you, organise your clothes and accessories, organise your looks according to your body shape, colours and style as well as advise you on your future purchases.
4 Seasons
Update your wardrobe each season of the year! Customised to your lifestyle is a dream come true. After exploring and refreshing your closet, we will refine your style and guide you to create made to measure outfits and stylish looks at the forefront of the latest seasonal trends.
Colour Analysis
Colours are powerful and infuse our mind-sets, they influence our behaviour and those around us. With the colour analysis test we will reveal the colours that suit you best. We will sublimate the colour of your eyes in perfect harmony with your skin tone and you will look impeccable effortlessly. We also teach you how to harmonise colours and prints.
Body Shape
Are you thin, buxom or round? Curvy or petite? Do you want to know how to highlight and choose the right parts in accordance with your body shape? We will adapt your look to your body and give you all the secrets and tips from the pros for a custom style.
The image plays a huge role on the company's life, it reflects its history, culture, values and ethics but most importantly its ambitions. The employees are the forefront of the company, it is essential to provide them with the company’s codes. We offer advice workshops and an image tailored to business needs.
Brand & Super Brand
A strong brand is a soaring loyalty rate to the business. This results to an increasing profitability, easier products and services to market and improved competitiveness. The image styling of the brand is a unique experience combining our creativity and knowledge but also combining the company's traditions and savoir-faire. We offer customised services tailored to the company's preferred communication method.
Hotels in London and Paris give guests exclusive access to personal shopping at luxury boutiques. We help to put an end to last-minute wardrobe malfunctions which threaten to ruin big events or meetings. It's also a saving grace for clients with minimal time for shopping. We also offer our presentations through the hotel's concierge service.
Entertainment & Fashion Shows
Image Styling has a primordial role in this case it communicates fashion through image elements in order to convey the right message. We propose communication styles adapted through advertising campaigns, photoshoots, television and fashion shows. We offer tailored packages to suit your needs.
Higher Education
Image within the professional environment is important but also first impressions during interviews are unavoidable. Our goal is to train students and teach them how to value their image in all circumstances. We offer conferences, workshops and animations related to the impact of personal image within a professional environment.
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