«It's never too late to be what you might have been.» George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans)

Because, no, the services of a personal stylist are not exclusively reserved for famous people but above all for people who want to take control of their dress habits to improve their lives and their self-confidence, here are the reasons why you may use the services of an image consultant.

A personal stylist can help you to...


Go through a new period of your life

Change or what makes us progress in life. Although some of them may push us to believe the opposite and put us in the worst shape, the changes allow us to take a new turn. And this turn can go through the desire to change haircuts, refresh our wardrobe and our image ... Who better than a personal stylist to your listening for that? More than just a clothing consultant, the personal stylist is there to listen to you and help you through these periods!

A baby is coming and you are afraid of not accepting your changing body? Do you want to radically take care of your image in order to go through difficult times like a breakup or a difficult age cap? You have a new job and do not know which image to give? The personal stylist will be there to support you in all situations and will help you boost your self-confidence as a real master of image consulting!


Save time and get assistance

Wake up every morning with the question "what am I going to wear today?" is a fact. But wasting time unnecessarily looking at your wardrobe chockablock and changing outfit three times before starting your day is unthinkable for people overloaded daily! A personal stylist will decode your desires, your goals and your body and will take care of you by refreshing your wardrobe to save time that will change your daily life!

You do not have time to go shopping or, worse, you hate it? A personal stylist will do it for you and will design ideal outfits for your personal and professional life situations! Business trips, special events? Your personal stylist will be happy to prepare everything you need to be on top!


Create together the image you want to reflect

Because the image we reflect inevitably goes through the dress code in our society, your outfits can become a real force to fulfill your desires and your goals. Clothes have the power to radically change a person and influence their environment. Feeling beautiful and full of confidence in an outfit is essential to reveal the best version of ourselves in the world and a personal stylist is the perfect person to help you accomplish that.

Having self-confidence is a real challenge today, unfortunately. A personal stylist will help overcome your complexities and reflect the image you have always wanted to give the world and nothing will stop you: you will learn to love yourself as you are!

Who better to conclude this article than our favorite personal stylist Julie Louas? "A personal stylist is in a way the fairy godmother: multi-tasking! She boosts the self-confidence of her clients and create them custom-made styles, in perfect harmony with their personality, their lifestyle and their aspirations!"

Take care et see you next week xx

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