The end of the holidays is fast approaching and the desire to bring a little freshness and new arrivals in your closet tempts you more than anything. We understand you! And what better than a new handbag to begin this renewal?

Here is the list just for you of the latest trendy bags that are all the rage in the fashion sphere!


Dior: The Saddle bag

With its rather original shape that divides the fashionistas, it does not go unnoticed with this large D suspended in gold metal and its models embroidered. You can customize this bag at your convenience for even more originality with the wide range of shoulder straps offered by the Haute Couture house.


Chloé: Tess Bag

The new Chloé handbag looks almost like two peas in a pot to its predecessor, the trendy Nile bag. Modern forms curvaceous more than similar and a gold ring loop hanged become signature, the little brother of the Nile bag is, in addition to being an elegant association of femininity/masculinity, a practical bag with two removable shoulder straps.


Jacquemus: plus c'est petit, plus c'est mimi

Jacquemus bags become lighthouse colours are welcoming models smaller and smaller as the last named "The Pitchou". Editor's favourite, the small models "Minho" or "The Chiquito bag" which perfectly match the viral trend of mini-bags!


On se fait la malle

Do you want a bag that is out of the ordinary? Who is original? We have the solution: the handbag Malle version. New models in few houses like at Dolce & Gabbana with the "Dolce Box" with a cool pink tint embellished with the usual eccentricities of the brand, or at Louis Vuitton with the "Petite Malle".


"Fashion fades, only style remains."

A classic for back to the daily life will be as effective as an original style bag. Our favourite classic? The 2.55 from Chanel. With its elegant simplicity, its two-C clasp and its famous shoulder strap braided with leather and gold or silver finishes, it will never disappoint you.

The list for your next shopping session is updated? Do you like the trends of the moment? Hope this article will please you as always ;)

Take care and see you, xx

Credits Photo: Love & Urban, Instagram, Stylistic, Marie-Claire