"I think all the girls in the world want to be a Parisian girl, a kind of confidence and effortless comfort" Natalie Portman.
Simplicity, chic, natural elegance, authenticity, emancipation: so many words that characterize this confident woman who runs the streets of the French capital with a coffee in her hand.

Her style is coveted by women from all over the world! But how to adopt the famous look of the "Parisian girl"? We have concocted the ultimate guide to adopt this look effortlessly and efficiently!


Less is more

Because the wardrobe of the "Parisian bobo" is exclusively composed of simple and minimalist clothes but this makes all the difference for every occasion that this woman with the perfect independence meets, the simplicity and the classic of the inescapable pieces of the Parisienne are essential. Follow without hesitation the rule of the famous "Less is More"!

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This je-ne-sais-quoi that makes the difference

This Je-ne-sais-quoi? But what is it? It is simply a wonderful and fascinating combination of neutral colors impeccable! White, black, beige and small touches of red and blue here and there ... Iconic patterns such as a beautiful discreet floral print or a marinière reminiscent of the Parisian vacation in Le Touquet. Bet on this je-ne-sais-quoi of elegant simplicity!



They can be counted on the fingers of your two hands: the essentials of the "Parisian bobo" closet. To have urgently in yours since they will help you face all situations with elegance!

Tops with classic colors: T-shirts, tank tops, turtlenecks, sweaters, shirts. Choose the essential tops that suit you and will accompany you through the seasons!

When it comes to outerwear, it's quite fast: a leather jacket, a blazer and a trench coat are enough!

The little black dress is a timeless essential that will always make you feel comfortable and beautiful!

The Parisian symbolizes the independence of women, especially by wearing pants as often as possible: at least normal waist and more often than high-waist, exit pants with low waist during your shopping sessions special "Parisian bobo"! Raw denim, black slim and cigarette pants are the three essential pants.

Vital shoes? A wonderful pair of black pumps, white city sneakers and a pair of moccasins for a masculine/feminine style always on top of elegance and trend!


Spice it all up with 100% Frenchy accessories

Because the Parisienne is also differentiated by its minimalist jewelry in gold or silver (depending on your preference or the identity of your undertone), by his famous sunglasses on the nose even under the gray clouds of the capital and by a red lipstick that will be the icing on the cake.


Editor's Favourite: Jeanne Damas

The embodiment of the Parisian girl with the ambition without frontiers, Jeanne Damas is now at the head of her own company offering a cloakroom of the iconic Parisian style "where sober sophistication and sensuality meet."

Take care et see you next week ladies, xx

Credits Photo: Google Images, Grazia, ELLE, W Magazine