«Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.» Coco Chanel

This article could stop at this single quote because there is nothing more convincing than a sentence of unfailing simplicity. And, indeed, the simplicity lives in the elegance itself: simply being yourself is elegant because if there is one thing to remember, it is that elegance can not be bought. So, you want to understand what it's like to be elegant? We explain everything in detail in this new article.

How to be elegant? By your...



Contrary to what one might think, elegance does not only involve the wearing of trendy and well-adopted clothes. Elegance by the dressing style is represented, in our judgment, by the fact that you wear clothes that suit your personnality! You can be as most elegant if you have a completely classic style or on the contrary a colorful style!

It is however true that a rather classic wardrobe with neutral colors and essential clothes has a greater facility to show a more "clean" and neat image that one associates often with the elegance. This is a land that could be said to be "safe", "secure".

To avoid: outfits too "outrageous" because they represent a danger to the notion of simplicity that is associated with the idea of elegance. A rule to remember for all occasions? We show either the legs or the top but never both at the same time!



We can not miss the beauty after talking about dress style since both are now indissociable concepts, complementary. Elegance by beauty? We foget exaggeration because moderation is an essential point in the search for elegance. We forget the big layers of make-up and we learn to accept our body. We learn to love ourselves as we are with our flaws and our small imperfections and we even learn to love them. We put ourselves in value with simplicity and while remaining natural, we do what we will feel most comfortable with.

The beauty called "elegant", goes through a clean and neat look as said before about the dressing style. This can go through a beautiful manicure, it is of course more chic to have a well made manicure or natural nails well maintained than nails with scaly varnish, or also by your hairstyle. A disheveled/neat effect will undoubtedly have its effect if well done!


State Of Mind

Last but not least, this aspect of elegance seems to be the most important to us. What do we mean by "state of mind"? The definition of elegance shows us that it goes well above the physical appearance: "Quality of someone who is distinguished by its taste, its choice in terms of clothing, by the grace of its manners, [...] by the quality of its manners themselves. [...] Quality of someone, of its behavior, which shows moral or intellectual distinction." Elegance is above all a reflection of your personality.

To watch someone in the street steadily because you like its clothes and to pass your road, it is not elegant. To smile at this person and open up to others is elegant. Being polite is elegant. Good manners, self-confidence, to be conscientious, to smile, to know how to assert your opinion even if you have to say "no", to be attentive to others and to testify to one's interest, that is elegance!

The key? Be yourself! Do not try to become or be elegant for the sole purpose of being elegant in the sight of others: it will not work or lead to any real personal satisfaction because you will not be yourself and we can guarantee you that accomplishing great things by being You will fill you with a feeling of inner well-being.

The final word? Remember that elegance is above all showing the best version of yourself to the world around you! So smile and be happy!

Take care and see you, xx

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