«Elegance is a question of personality, more than clothes.» Jean-Paul Gaultier

It goes without a doubt that the style of clothing contributes in an indispensable way to be chic. Today, however, we will look at the quintessence of chic: our behavior and especially our social behavior.


Help others

Because, yes, being chic is not a status that one attributes to oneself (generally) but a judgment that emit the people around you! It is therefore essential to adopt an elegant behavior with other people. What do we mean by helping others?

Helping others can go through many actions: being polite to help set the table when you are invited to someone else's house, make a sad friend laugh, share positive vibes with smiles and always find the good side of things. Be a trustworthy person, positive and more than anything: respectful and polite!


Listen carefully to others

When you talk to your friends, you surely appreciate the fact that they are listening to you, watching you, answering you and, better still, understanding you. "Don't do unto others what you would not want done to yourself" says an old French proverb: let's take the opposite direction and let's do to others what we want them to do with us! Listen, show interest to those around you!

Listening to others is even more chic nowadays than there is a conqueraine years because it is an art that is gradually lost in the face of the invasion of new technologies! How many times have you been at the table with your friends without any discussion because everyone had their heads down on their screen? Become a rare gem by being a good friends who is sincerely interested in other's life.


Be the best version of yourself

Because being chic is also being appreciated for what you are, show yourself in your best form. A woman who is self-confident and who pays attention to others has the perfect combo of elegance. Remember that others will forget what you have done and said but that they will always remember how they felt at your side!

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Be awesome ladies, xx

Credits Photo: Pinterest, The Cut, Fashion School Daily, Elle