The world’s fashion capital is Paris, this isn’t arguable. Yes, London is known for more daring fashion, New York for contemporary and Milan for kitsch, but Paris holds a higher statue. It’s not necessarily because it’s better than the other capitals, it’s just that it showcases prestigious, luxurious and elegant pieces all whilst remaining effortless. There’s no surprise why the biggest names hold their fashion shows in that capital and let’s not forget Haute Couture, the finest mastery of fashion.

Having said all that, Parisian chic is quite minimal, effortless and simple. Nothing outlandish or daring as per London’s fashionable folks. The Parisians build a reputation for being promoters of less is more, not just limited to their clothes & style but also elegance of their homes and the small treats of food on their plates. A woman from Paris might own few pair of shoes, but they are of quality, timeless in style and perhaps even designer. Maybe we may find a pair of Manolos or Roger Vivier, but not a pile of unflattering shoes. Perhaps the same woman might invest in an elegantly designed leather handbag such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, but not hundreds of trend focused handbags.

It’s not about the brands, it’s about investing in quality pieces. As you may have observed, French brands are known for their discreet branding (we can disregard the obvious trend driven logomania prints) and attention to artisanal pieces. Hermes would be a wonderful example of minimal elegance that is discreet in branding and timeless design. Yes, we can agree that the prices are way out of the average women’s spending limits, but then again, we are talking about investment here, not excessive consumption. I personally have adapted the ethos of Parisian ‘less is more’ combined with the influence of Scandinavian minimalism both in my style and lifestyle (we can always have a thorough conversation about this another time). I couldn’t be happier and would recommend really focusing on the pieces that make you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable.

Wandering around the fashionable streets of Paris, you’ll come across well dressed women that inspire you to follow suit. It’s not quite often or frequent to see these women wander around Paris, but rather they limit themselves to the fashionable and trendy districts, around museums or cafes tucked away from touristic districts. There’s always something so graceful & charming about Parisian style. Another reason why I love travelling, is to learn from others, I admire and take notes.

Photo Credits: Mauro Lorenzo, Bloglovin, Harper's Bazaar UK, All Womens Talk, Bruwho,