«To find happiness, we need to accept ourselves as we are.» Thich Nhat Hanh

The perfect body or the most beautiful fairy tale. And although you hear everywhere "All women are unique, they are all beautiful, accept yourself as you are!" does not change anything and you find yourself the worst defect every day? The society has introduced this discomfort among us, in spite of us: the social networks constantly display "dream" bodies, the magazines supposed to inspire us reveals the image of a perfect woman with filiform body but with generous curves where it is necessary by chance in a perfect balance yet far from being natural for all.

This article will surely not change the way you view your body because only you can work on yourself in order to achieve a satisfactory result, however I hope this article will support you in your quest for happiness and self-esteem.


Accept yourself: a key step in self-esteem

" Nobody is perfect." It's easy to hear this sentence, it does not necessarily have much effect. Yet, it represents the beginning of self-acceptance. Indeed, everyone is different whether physically or inwardly. And it is in those differences that the world around us is so beautiful: we complement each other with others whether at work, with friends, with family when we are all different. It is in this diversity that the beauty of the world lives.

To accept oneself as one is a key step to begin a quest for inner well-being. To accept oneself physically can go through a love for oneself (different from narcissism) but also through the happiness that gives us to take care of ourselves to correct what we call flaws. For example, putting on makeup can help you like yourself because you reflect an image that you like through the action of makeup just as you can do with what you wear: fashion is a good way to showcase yourself and reflect the best version of yourself!


Style and Body Positivity

Dress for you! And do not forget: fashion is a powerful way of expression. If you wear your favorite piece in which you feel as comfortable as it is beautiful and enhanced, you have the impression that nothing can stop you! Do you know that feeling? There is nothing more satisfying!

Knowing the colors that highlight us, the pieces in which we feel most confident, the haircut that makes us the most beautiful is a real asset and an essential step to learn to accept ourselves physically and show it to the whole world! Making an appointment with a Personal Stylist can help you learn what makes you the best value and thus reveal the best version of yourself by accepting you as you are: beautiful women who have full confidence in them!

The final word? Stop putting this pressure on your shoulders to become perfect, do not compare yourself to others because they are not you, put you in value to accept your flaws and fully accept your qualities that make you a unique person!

Take care et see you soon xx

Credits Photo: Fashionista, Scoutthecity, Dia&Co, Fashion Unfiltered