Is it possible to combine sustainable fashion with luxury? The answer of Cora Hilts and in which we believe more than anything: "Yes absolutely! Otherwise Rêve En Vert would not exist! We consider aesthetics as much as we consider ethics".

We had the pleasure of taking contact with Cora Hilts, the beautiful co-founder of Rêve en Vert, an e-shop offering eco-friendly clothing and accessories, for an interview with 100% positive and eco-friendly vibes!

Opening a business based on ethical values while we live in a world where over-consumption and mass production are omnipresent represents a risk-taking because the proposed prices outperform all the competition. "There was a recent article in Business of Fashion all about how the vast majority of people say that they want to shop sustainably but they won’t pay for it." Because who says quality says higher price. But we sincerely believe that the substitution of a mass consumption by a responsible consumption in small quantity is the solution to adopt to have an impact.

Who are REV's customers? "I believe REV’s clients are most people who are making a switch in life. They are the people becoming aware of the need to support organic farming, stopping plastic pollution and cutting down on their carbon footprints. They are people that are aware that modern slavery exists and do not want products that are the result of that. They are also people who like beautiful things and appreciate a nice lifestyle and don’t want to have to sacrifice style for ethics. Luckily for us I think this is a growing demographic!"

The fashion sphere is also facing a problem that is growing and fooling us: the green washing. "Most recently we actually had to drop the word “sustainable” from the majority of our marketing because I really feel that it has lost so much of it’s meaning. An incredible amount of brands are now green washing and claiming to be sustainable when they are not and I didn’t want Rêve En Vert to fall under that category. I have now changed our tagline to “Honest Luxury” because I feel 100% transparency is the best way of approaching true sustainability. We look at everything from water pollution to plastic packaging to recycling with all of our designers and I want customers to know that we vet people to incredibly high standards. And in any capacity that they are not perfectly ethical, we are also honest about that. It allows customers to really know what they are shopping for."

Rêve en Vert is a virtual showcase for designers with sustainable luxury products but it is above all the showcase of the values of its founders. "I think a lot of the values I have come quite simply from growing up on the coast of Maine in Northern America - my parents were very conscious of showing me the benefits of appreciating and spending time in nature so I am very aware of needing to protect this."

"These values stayed with me and were honed throughout time spent in Paris, New York and London studying international and environmental politics and lead me to create Rêve En Vert (REV). I think I have always been lucky in realising from an early age that the things in life that really create value are oftentimes the simplest and most sustainable options and I really based the company off of that belief. All of our products are timeless, beautiful and kind to people and planet."

Final question: what would you say to an ordinary consumer to realize that it is important to make a sustainable consumption choice? "I would say that every time you shop, you make a vote for the sort of world you want to live in. Even the smallest of purchases reflect your support of the economy. Do you want to see brands that support their local economies and respect the environment and workers or brands that produce more and more with no regard for any of these things? It’s really up to each individual to make the right choice."

Take care and be awesome! xx

Credits Photo: Cora Hilts, Rêve en Vert