Dear Fashion Sphere!

News of the day 

It is my turn to take the feather to welcome you to our FashionMoodz® Community, the launch of our digital platform has finally arrived. Ready for the big jump, released in the arena we are ready to conquer you Digital Fashion World!


Armed with our stiletto, our lipstick and our legendary good Moodz™ we are ready for the battle! What battle? The battle of style of course! The Fashion Police is back!


Enough with the jokes… Let’s stop being delirious but this digital platform, what does it bring you exactly?


The first part of our site is dedicated to our services, VIP access has been created to facilitate communication with our clients and where you can find your profile, your favorites, your advantages... I will not tell you more, I will let you discover it by yourself!


The second part is editorial, you can follow through the magazine and the look books, all news and inspirations fashion & beauty of the moment but also our favorites, our crush, our blows of love, our shots of I love you... and probably our sunburns this summer :)


The stars of the week

A standing ovation to the main actors of this adventure, those who have made possible the impossible, without whom we would never have done it! Big Up first for Guillaume my partner since forever to whom I owe so much more than this project, without forgetting his duo Adrien! What a Dream Team Guys! Finally my beautiful Victoria who accomplishes every day a remarkable work!



The bubbly Alexia recently joined our team to give FashionMoodz® magazine its title of nobility, such as an experienced Fashionista, she will tirelessly communicate her knowledge, will share her gold nuggets and her fashion expertise every week!

Welcome on Board Sweetie 


The motto of the month: Be yourself Be unique Be stylish 

We will share with you the latest trends, must haves, the ‘IT bag’ and fashion tips that any Fashionista must have to be in control, on the tip of their nails!

We will share with you our FashionMoodz® secrets to give you valuable advice and style tips! We will not tell you everything - well, not immediately - but just enough to make sure you buy the perfect size Dior Bag, the little Chanel dress that makes your curves voluptuous and the pair of Gucci sunglasses that perfectly matches the shape of your face!


Yes... Because at FashionMoodz®, Fashion is made to measure!

As soon as it is summer, the sun is ready to shine... Make a difference! 

Dare to say stop to conformism, appropriate your image and reveal all facets of your personality with style and elegance!

By the powers conferred upon me, I declare the FashionMoodz® Community officially open


In the Moodz to reveal yourself