Dear FashionMoodz Community,

It is with great pleasure that I take the feather to wish you a wonderful year, that gives you the desire to become a better version of yourself & fall unconditionally in love with YOURSELF!

It is a great classic every but new chapter is a pretext for new resolutions... In 2018 make yourself really happy! Stop your TO DO list full of unpleasant tasks - please no more of this - 

You would like to set new challenges and you are absolutely right. Take things with optimism, determination but above all FULL of positive energy!

Have you decided to go back to a sporting activity to sculpt your dream body? Boosting your dopamine will make you irresistible! GO GO GO let's quickly put on YEEZY sneakers for an outdoor running session!

In parallel, do you want to refine your style? Perfect! 2018 offers you 365 days - minus 10 - to tame your desires and reveal them with style!

The MUST: Enhance your image bespoke to your personality!


Because our clothes have an unconscious power, dressing is not a light and superficial act! Our clothes create our identity, tell our story at the same time that they open us to others. GOT IT?

Birkin Hermes BagGucci sunglasses, Chanel little black dress and a whole arsenal « made in Balenciaga  » you thought of them meaningless? Of course not Gorgeous! 

To appropriate trends, self-esteem is essential. Fashion is a translation of the mind-body connection, the more you feel good, the more you dare. Unconscious but blatant! Mastering your image will increase considerably your level of success in many aspects of your life! Easy right?

So this year your motto should be: Shine like an rainbow!

Let your personality shine with confidence because it is the most fascinating!

Fashion will be your most beautiful accessory to express and sublimate it!

I wish you a FashionMoodz Year full of positive vibes!

With Love,


Photo Credits: Imaxtree