Who are we? A fashion styling agency that helps you to reveal the most beautiful version of yourself!

Want to see the good side of the stiletto? Walking on the streets of the most trendy capitals with a style to whitening all the "it girl " from the Fashion Sphere? Tired of conformism, want to be styled AND yourself? Gain confidence in yourself and be comfy in your sneakers? The suggestions are endless …

Because you are UNIQUE at Fashion Moodz we shape your image MADE TO MEASURE!

The wardrobe is a bit the mirror of the soul, a relationship of trust between us is essential to achieve your goals, this is why we take the time to meet you, to listen to you, to discover you in order to determine the formula most suited to your desires. Your lifestyle, your values, your story ... every detail counts!

We create YOUR STYLE at the forefront of the latest trends AND in perfect match with all facets of your personality!

" Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others" Anna Wintour

Julie, The founder

My name is Julie, I'm sort of Fairy Godmother, Frenchy with an accent sharp as a knife…Fashion, sense of aesthetics, elegance, refinement and know-how are part of our French heritage, what fascinates me all the more it is you!

I am a ball of positive energies, benevolent and full of empathy, who love the challenges succeeded together. A rather successful career in management and several strings to my bow - Retail, Business Management&Luxe - allowed us to have a global approach to Fashion in order to give it a dimension that looks like us, turned towards others.

Voilà...you know everything or almost everything…

To tell you the truth, we are not very good at talking about us…..We prefer so far talking about YOU

Now it is time to tell us your story !

Our Team
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